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We have been dedicated to powering talent since 2018.

Whether you are an emerging talent or an established elite athlete, we provide a range of results driven strategies designed to bring financial & brand stability to your career, allowing you to focus on your performance.

We work with a wide range of talent from grassroots who have financial constraints, such as lack of sponsorship or salary along with top athletes to help them maximise their opportunities and build long-lasting careers.

We’ve built a portfolio of connections with brands and athletes from all over the world to shape long lasting relationships that powers talent.


We always get to know our athletes on a personal level before working on any commercial sponsorships. This enables us to tailor the strategy, producing long term and authentic partnerships with brands you truly align with.


We also work with businesses who are looking to enter into sports and athlete partnerships. First, we work to understand their needs and requirements before matching them with an athlete that aligns with their brand.


We’re on hand for all negotiations to make sure you get the best contracts each and every time. Having negotiated some of the best contracts in the industry, we understand market value and individual requirements to ensure you get the best deal possible.


Career Development

We work with you to build a foundation and maintain your career for many years to come. We understand that there are many factors that can cause for an early end to a career so it’s important that we build you a brand enabling future opportunities and durability.

Media & PR

Our integrated media partners are on hand to support any partnership opportunities that we curate. They will bring your story to life through films, social media and branded content.


Team Support

It’s not just individual athlete’s that we work with. We also work with teams on their sponsorship packages, partners & strategy.

Health & Insurance

All of our MTB athletes have access to a leading insurer in the MTB industry. Offering cover in Europe, USA & Canada, this comes at an exclusive NET rate for all of our clients.

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We offer consultancy to businesses looking for advice and support in corporate brand building, marketing, sponsorship and commercial negotiations.

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