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Who is Reece Wilson?

Who is Reece Wilson?

Reece Wilson is a Scottish Professional Downhill Mountain Bike Racer. He rides for the Trek Factory Racing Downhill Team and is current UCI MTB Downhill World Champion. He is a passionate environmentalist and is keen to raise the awareness of cycling as a gateway to not only physical but good mental health. He is determined to create a legacy in the sport and raise the profile of mountain biking in the UK.  

Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Trek Factory Racing

The talented Trek Factory Racing downhill team will tackle the UCI World Cup Downhill circuit and select regional and national races.


Meet the 2022 Trek Factory

Racing downhill squad

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Fundamentally, Reece's new YouTube channel focuses on the relentless and all-consuming pursuit of optimum performance within Downhill racing.

More than that, we aim to relate our struggles to a much larger narrative. Reflecting our shared philosophy back at the world in the hope of inspiring others to pursue their passion. 

We collectively aim to give entertaining and unique insights into a top level athletes day to day process. Athletes can often be seen as super-human, we want to show people otherwise, giving our amazing audience some characters to relate to. We will work with the organic flow of events as they unfold and the real people involved.

We have always believed in creating content to inspire and evoke real emotion in the viewer, bringing them along for the ride through a unique and tailored experience. We aim to promote MTB the way we see it, an artform. Our obsession with this sport has given us so much, it has lifted us further than we could have imagined. It has allowed us to harmonise with nature on a deeper level. It has given us direction, mental clarity, freedom to physically express ourselves and hope for the future. At one stage it was all about making it to the world cups, now we are battling for wins. We want to ensure when all is said and done and the books are closed, Reece truly gave this sport everything he had. 

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