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Planning for 2021🤷🏽‍♂️

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Well, I think most of us would like to put 2020 to bed now. It been a year to forget for many but do we even know whats going to happen in 2021?

I certainly don't want to be negative but I don't think anyone can really predict whats next for us.

As I sit here writing this today, the UK has just effectively cancelled Christmas and the infection rate of the 'New' strain of Covid 19 has gone through the roof.

Brexit trade talks are hanging by a thread and we have just shut the Port of Dover. Over 40 countries have banned flights form the UK and Boris's evening update points to further restrictions and extended periods and even Lockdown #3.

Getting on for a year of living with Covid, it just seems to be getting worse.

It feel like we are effectively trapped on Covid Island.

Not a great thought.

Which brings me onto the title of this post.


How can we plan, it seems there is so much uncertainty around us with the landscape changing every week.

Why do we plan? We like the comfort of feeling we're in control. We like to know where we're going and what we are doing. We use plans as a comforter in rough times and a guide when decisions have to be made. They help us to make sense of the world.

To be clear I'm talking all plans here, Business Strategy, Life, Education any plan that provides direction and assurance that things are in order.

Then this happens.

The biggest curve ball, with seemingly no way to navigate through the never-ending bad news a gloomy forecasts.

I think, in these times that lack of 'plan' is a big contributor to anxiety and mental ill-health.

I like many of others, have friends who are struggling this year. Friends who have always appeared assured, confident and content.

This uncomfortable feeling of being lost or hopeless can overwhelm and the length of time we have been in this position, can only serve to reinforce that feeling.

Whilst many have turned to fitness and mindfulness to help abate this feeling, perhaps simply letting go of any expectation and plan is an effective counter measure. Not only for this current situation but maybe life in general.

Buddhism teaches Zen and living in the moment, something that I have been acutely aware of this year.

Generally, it seems, humans find a way to accept the world and its contradictions until a shocking event happens to them. They then find that panacea of belief, religion or ideology to support their new direction and clarity.

I don't subscribe to any particular philosophy or feel educated enough on the subject of Buddhism to provide any deeper analysis other than, it seems to make sense.

Letting go of the self-inflicted pressure of planning, expectation of others or social construct definition of 'success' feels like the key to happiness.

After all, that want we want to be, right?

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