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Elite World Cup Downhill Racer
Team: Positive Propain (rider & owner)

Lenzerheide 2022: 25TH
Leogang 2022: 24TH
Les Gets 2021: 12TH
Maribor 2021: 18TH
Overall 2020: 14TH



Phil is one of the most talented riders on two wheels. Equally happy racing DH, riding hardtail at the skatepark, or tearing up a mountain on his enduro moto, he brings a lot of energy and creativity to every ride.


After ten years of DH race seasons with various pro teams, Phil felt like it was time to do his own thing and give himself the flexibility to work on other exciting projects around World Cup racing. Having moved to Athens, Greece, in 2018 to be with his girlfriend Kat, he saw it as a prime riding location and soon began to meet local riders in the nearby mountains and skateparks. By 2021, he was blown away by the ability of riders like Soc, George and Thanasis. He decided he had to put a team together to give these younger guys a chance to compete internationally and travel the world. The team battled travel restrictions during the pandemic, successfully competed at events, and completed film projects across the globe. While the whole world seemed to be waiting on negative test results, Phil and his crew kept it real and became Positive!

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