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Elite Downhill Racer

Team: 555 Gravity Racing

Age: 19

Racing Career:


Maribor World Cup, Round 3, 2021 (Elite): 51st

British National Championships, 2021 (Elite): 8th

Antur Stiniog National, Round 4, 2021 (Elite): 4th

Maribor IXS European Downhill Cup, 2021 (Elite): 15th



Maribor World Cup, Round 1, 2020 (Junior): 5th

Lousã World Cup, Round 4, 2020 (Junior): 6th

World Championships, 2020 (Junior): 7th



British National Championships, 2019 (Junior): 1st

Rheola British National, Round 1, 2019 (Junior): 1st

Vallnord World Cup, Round 4, 2019 (Junior): 7th

Maribor World Cup, Round 1, 2019 (Junior): 8th



National Championships, 2018 (Youth): 1st

National Series Overall, 2018 (Youth): 1st

Brandnertal IXS European Downhill Cup, 2018 (Youth): 1st



  • This past season I have ridden for 555 Gravity Racing which was a newly started team. I have watched the development and growth of the team since I joined which has given me an insight into what a team needs to run and what makes a team work well. As well as being part of a developing team I also put together a number of my own personal sponsors for this season which has given me experience working with brands directly.

  • Rode for Propain Factory Racing (2019 – 2020) and the Atherton Academy (2017 – 2018). During my time riding for these teams, I matured a lot as a rider and learnt to become a more professional team member. I also learnt a lot from the deep pool of knowledge that my elder elite teammates had gained from their much longer careers. I also gained knowledge of how to work with brands and their marketing staff, and about their expectations of their riders. 

  • Took part in the development of Propain Bicycles’ new Rage (2020). I was asked to test the prototype bike that Propain had developed, ensuring that the new bike’s geometry and linkage worked well and any identifying design issues and ways that they could improve it. This was a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in a number of ways, providing an opportunity for me to learn to work with brand staff and engineers. This helped improve my knowledge of how a bike should work and feel and how it should be set up.

  • Over the past three seasons I have trained with top MTB strength and conditioning coach Alan Milway. Alan has led a number of riders to success at world level and is currently working with a number of other top world cup racers. Training alongside a number of Alan’s older athletes has pushed me along and given me an insight into what it takes to become one of the worlds best.


I have featured a number of times in popular Vital Raw and Pinkbike Practice Raw videos, one of which had over 270k views. I’ve featured multiple times, showcasing my equipment to a mass audience. With opportunities such as these to display bikes and equipment at world level, I have to ability to achieve excellent exposure for brands and their products.


I have experience working on publicity projects and with media staff. For example, the year before last I spent a weekend filming a short video for the team I was riding for at the time. This focused on my life and riding at home. With this experience, I know what works well and what doesn’t when shooting videos or photos and I can work with others to efficiently create good content. With a number of friends that are photographers and videographers, I have a network people that can help to produce quality content.




A World Cup downhill mountain bike racer with previous National Championship titles and strong future goals. With a competitive nature stemming from a background of racing motocross, I have a strong work ethic and the drive needed to succeed as a world level downhill mountain bike racer. In my first elite season I have shown great pace at times and delivered performances such as my first national podium and a 51st at Maribor World Cup. I am determined to carry the strong pace I have shown through to next season and I am confident that I can achieve much bigger and better things.


With good knowledge of how social media can be used as a tool to create exposure for products, I am well positioned to promote and sell products and services.

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